Dogelon Classic

Our Origins

In 2021, the Ethereum network witnessed the rise of an amazing project called Dogelon Mars. With the support of a vibrant community and hard-working team, it reached unprecedented heights. It soon became one of the largest meme tokens in the entire crypto space, where it enjoys this distinction to this very day.

On the heels of the success of Dogelon Mars, Dogelon Classic was born on the Ethereum Classic network. While the Ethereum (ETH) network is a leader in blockchain, its proof of work counterpart, Ethereum Classic, offers users a great alternative and maintains the original vision for Ethereum. Dogelon Classic aims to be the top meme protect on the ETC network by building a supporting and positive community and achieving many notable milestones.

How to trade dogelon classic?

Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) from your favorite CEX.

Open your DeFi Wallet (Trust Wallet/MetaMask/SafePal) and add the ETC network. The following link explains how to add ETC to MetaMask, but the information is the same for all wallets:

Once you have the network set up, send ETC to your DeFi Wallet address from your preferred CEX.

In your DeFi Wallet, click on the dApp/browser tab, and go to HebeSwap:

Click on connect wallet on the top of your screen.

Input the Dogelon Classic contract address and select it from the menu. Set gas between 5 and 20 then confirm the transaction.

Click on swap and and wait for the sale to process.

Contract Address: